Understanding Payroll

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Once you have logged into the dashboard.

Scroll down the left menu and click on Financials.

Then click on Payroll

See explains below.

Payroll: Pending

  • Timesheets: Indicates the number of days used to determine your pay for this period
  • Hours Worked: Indicates the number of work hours logged.
  • OT/Holidays: Indicates the number of OT/Holidays hours logged.
  • Pay Cycle: We have 26 total pay periods each year. This Indicates the # of this pay cycle.
  • Start Date: Indicates start date of this pay period.
  • End Date: Indicates the end date of this pay period.
  • Pay: Indicates the total earned wages for this pay period

Payroll: Processed History

See above for an explanation of each column.  This section allows you to view payroll history.

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