Understanding Financials / Transactions

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Accessing the Transactions Section

Once you have successfully logged in.

Scroll down the left menu until you locate and click on Financials.

Then click on Transactions

In this section, you’ll notice two tabs

  • Personal Network
  • Team Network

Personal network tab

Shows a list all itemized transaction associated with the event and the commission you have earned.

Date: Date transaction was posted

Originator: Name of employee who triggered the activity

Level: What level this person is at in your network.

Receiver: Name of person receiving the triggered commission

Commission: The amount that earned per triggered event (typical the hour employee worked)

Commission Total: The sum total of all trigged events

Processed Date: Date when commissions were processed.

Status: Pending, indicates waiting to be processed. Paid, indicate commission was processed and will be included in the next payout.

Team network tab

Shows list all itemized volume transactions associated with the triggered event.

Date: Date transaction was posted

Originator: Name of employee who triggered the activity

Hours: The total hours worked by the employee

Contribution: Total amount of volume added to your team network. Contribute is equal to Hours X Contributions.

Processed Date: Date when commissions were processed.

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