How to Add Leads

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Once you have successfully logged in.

Scroll down the left menu until you locate Market Center.

Then click on Leads.

Add a Lead

To add a lead, click on the blue button (right) with the label Add Lead.

Enter the requested information in the pop-up box.

Notes are optional and only for view by you.

Select the Letter or video you wish to send to your invitee.

Click Save to save lead into the database without sending a letter.

Click Save & Send to save lead and send the letter via email.

Edit a Lead

To edit a lead, click on the magnifying glass (right of the name).

You can edit any fields as you prefer.

Add additional notes about the lead in the optional Note field.

Letter(s) Sent will show what letter and date it was last sent.

You may resent the letter by simply clicking on the Send button.

Click update if you have to change any of the fields.

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