Healthcare Staffing Solutions

Reliable workforce & payroll reduction program...

Texas Healthcare Staffing connects employers with highly skilled and qualified employees. The number of employment demands is rising and falling, but there is one thing that is not changing and that is the bottom line of your payroll budget.

We have the means to rapidly provide a reliable and affordable healthcare staffing workforce. We specialize in recruiting per Diem, short-term travel, long-term assignments for nursing and other medical professionals. Texas Healthcare Staffing is an equal opportunity employer.

Texas Healthcare Staffing’s nation-wide network of highly experienced and certified nurses simplifies workforce fulfillment. Our Nurse Relationship Management (NRM) software, creates an easy way to add a job, manage candidates, view compliance documents, and manage your travelers and contingent labor. NRM help you plug into a huge network of nurses and streamline the hiring process.

Benefits of Partnering with THS

  • Payroll Reduction
  • Reliable Workforce
  • Rapid Placement
  • Credentialing Manager
  • Evaluation System
  • Workplace Ethics
  • Relief from Overtime Hours
  • Background Checks
  • Revolutionary Recruiting System
  • Paperless Billing
  • Cloud-Based Platform

Texas Healthcare Staffing

Reliable workforce & payroll reduction program...

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Texas Healthcare Staffing is a division of THS Medical. Our vast network of nurse practitioners allows us to efficiently match your workforce needs with a qualified healthcare professional. Reach out today, and we’ll handle the rest.

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We provide a wide range of healthcare solutions to medical facilities and private physicians such as:

  • Temporary and long-term workforce solutions
  • Ancillary Diagnotic Lab Services
  • Healthcare Marketing Services

Medical facilities will have access to our revolutionary staff recruiting platform. Which lets you efficiently deal with quality assurance issues, low fill ratio, or other costly pitfalls while locating dependable and cost-effective solutions to your supplemental staffing challenges.

Local medical staffing companies can plug into our revolutionary staff recruiting platform and enjoy the benefits of operating an independent staffing company without the pitfalls of ownership.

Our total healthcare solutions are designed to help provide better healthcare while containing overhead expenses.

Our services range from toxicology to routine blood tests — such as Pap testing, total cholesterol, and blood wellness — to complex, gene-based and molecular testing.

Great question, I’m glad you asked. THS Medical has a mission to discover, develop, and deploy technologies and solutions that deliver exceptional service to address the most challenging healthcare issues of our time.

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